“Slowly I Turned” : Health

I’d like it known that I feel lousy today. I’m on the second day of a (usually) three-day migraine. Well, I call it a migraine, but the symptoms are a little idiosyncratic—but that’s beside the point right now. For more than two days now, I’ve been dragging myself around like a half-drowned cat, looking pathetic... Continue Reading →


“Slowly I Turned”: Day Jobs and Interruptions

No question about it—my day job provides the biggest hindrance to my writing. The job and I are deeply unsuited for one another. One reason: I can never find any time to myself. I’m an introvert in the extreme. People drain the energy right out of me. I need to withdraw in order to regain... Continue Reading →

“Slowly I Turned” : The Introduction

Long story short: one day when I was visiting my sister’s house, I came into the living room to find her watching I Love Lucy. That specific episode featured a version of the classic burlesque sketch “Slowly I Turned.” At once I thought, “This is perfect!” I had been looking around for a motif strong... Continue Reading →

“Slowly I Turned” Archives Opened!

Approximately once a week, on each day of the month which happens to be a multiple of seven, the previous installment of "Slowly I Turned": Writer vs 'Real World' will be deposited here from athenaeum.wikispaces.com. In time, we may well end up migrating all the content from that site to this. We shall see. At... Continue Reading →

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