Makkarios Poll #1: Branch of Service


New Series: Makkarios, V.1

It's always a mistake, I find, to run more than one series at a time, but the spirit of the Christmas/New Year's season just carried me away. Check my Amazon Author Central page for the newest release, Makkarios: Come Together. It's available in Kindle and paperback, and the first reviews are highly positive. Here's the... Continue Reading →

The Bivalve Outside Its Natural Habitat

Keeping things short today, because I think I know how to get my current project from point E to point F, which has been the subject of considerable thought lately. What’s hindering me today? My own personality and temperament, in many ways. I always suspected that I was my own biggest hindrance, and now I’m... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas – Have A Free Kindle Book!

It was so fun to give away copies of Faerie Tales For Travelers as an early Christmas present last weekend that we're running the same special offer with The Wolf King Ascends this weekend. Note the date: Sunday, December 18, 2011. Hear ye, hear ye, make it known among the people that, for one day... Continue Reading →

Pull The Plug

Technology has been my bane this week. My mp3 player died after a long decline. My DSL modem is following close in its wake—in fact, I had doubts whether it would last long enough for me to post this safely. The mp3 player I can survive without, although I’ve discovered just how accustomed I am... Continue Reading →

Now Available: Keeper House Unending t-shirt, “I Survived”

I've opened a new apparel and merchandise store (hosted by Zazzle). Our first offering: a t-shirt that helps you proudly boast that you've read The Keeper House Unending and come to no harm... more or less.  

Mid-Course Corrections and Endings

I can hardly believe that, when I turn out the light to sleep tonight, there will be only nine days left of the month. Nine days left to steer my NaNoWriMo experiment into some sort of harbor. That fact dawned on me yesterday—I’ve been so caught up writing each chapter that I lost sight of... Continue Reading →

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