“Slowly I Turned”: Introvert Inside-Out

I did something stupid recently. I’m not saying that that in itself is newsworthy, mind you. I’m pretty sure nobody even noticed, but I felt the consequences of it keenly. But enough with the build-up. Here’s what I did:   I passed more than two weeks without taking a single day to be entirely alone.... Continue Reading →


“Slowly I Turned”: A Form of Self-Encouragement

I have had the worst time writing this week. Honestly. Worship team practice on Thursday, another funeral on Saturday, church and travel on Sunday, more travel on Monday. Every time I end up with a schedule of any kind beyond my regular routine, I end up throwing the regular routine out the window-- and I... Continue Reading →

“Slowly I Turned”: Flashbacks, or Candy Doesn’t Need To Have A Point

Today I spent some time looking at my big-picture timetable for some of my current writing projects. I don’t remember if I’ve given the matter serious consideration before; it’s so terribly easy to let the struggle for a daily rhythm become all-important. I have other issues with big-picture planning that tend to deter me, but... Continue Reading →

“Slowly I Turned”: Eustress, You Say?

Eustress, You Say?   I’m told there are two different kinds of stress, one healthy and one unhealthy. At the moment, I can’t really see a difference between the two. Anyone who has been following this blog (or any of my various Internet efforts, for that matter) knows that my newest book, Makkarios: Come Together,... Continue Reading →

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