Movie Review: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, pts 1 & 2

I had to do it again. I literally (as of ten seconds ago) just finished watching the second half. I must admit, I spent most of the second film standing in front of my television because I couldn't settle into my chair. For me, that's a sign of a good movie. The first half, I... Continue Reading →


Movie Review: Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince

I feel compelled to do this because I just finished watching this film for the first time. I resisted watching it for three years because, when I finished the book, I bawled like a tot-- and for people who know me, that's a very strong reaction on my part. There was no way on God's... Continue Reading →

“Slowly I Turned”: Drowning in Privilege

I've been extremely sporadic in updating my blog during the summer so far. I admit it, and I regret none of it. If I must go for two months without pay from my day job, then you'd better believe I'll use those two months to indulge my creative side as much as is humanly possible.... Continue Reading →

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