“Slowly I Turned”: The Challenge

I have decided to set myself a challenge for the year 2014: to write a short story or essay each week. It will be not only a way to exercise my creativity, but also a way to hone my time management as a writer. As Monty Hall would have said, “But wait! There’s more!” One piece of writing per week means 52 distinct writing topics will be needed. In order not to fall into the usual patterns, I am seeking input from you, dear readers! From today (November 19th) until Friday December 20th, I will be accepting WRITING TOPIC SUGGESTIONS through the comments list. In your suggestion, please include your specific topic idea, your reason for suggesting it, and your webpage address (if applicable) so that I can credit my sources. I have only a few restrictions. First: the topic must be rated PG, suitable for all literate audiences. Second: the topic must be imaginative. (That means I refuse write anything argumentative or controversial; on the other hand, I’m all for writing fake advertisements for impossible products, faux letters to the editor over ridiculously insignificant social issues like squirrel rights, etc.) Third: the topic must lend itself to fewer than 1500 words. Within those parameters, I encourage you to reach beyond the world of normalcy and averages. Remember, I am first and last a writer of speculative fiction. I look forward to seeing strange and wonderful things from all of you!