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Fantasy Worlds of H. M. Snow

The Last Book of the Kings series

In epic fantasy style, the Last Book of the Kings series traces the generations of one family, the Keeper royal family, in the final days of the Second Kingdom. Threats from their ancestral enemies, the Kavahri empire, vie with threats of dissent and rebellion from within. Throughout the danger, the Keeper family has one task to fulfill: they must preserve knowledge of the Immortal realms at a time when such knowledge is nearly gone. To aid them in this task, they are given the assistance of men gifted with immortal powers: bornsight, healing, genius, bardic song, heartsight, truthsight, and dreamwalking. Each of these men, known as the Misomaoz, has a female beyah, or counterpart, to balance his gift. The greater the danger facing the kingdom, the more these pairs appear in order to guide those loyal to the Keepers through the turmoil.

The Makkarios series

Multiple worlds connect at the Center, where an eons-long war is still ongoing. New recruits receive titles as well as gifts of power in order to fight the war in a variety of roles: diplomats, rescuers, relief aid workers, sages, and generalists. Follow the Makkarios team of young adults as they begin their training and face dangers far beyond their expectations on their way to fully-fledged Center soldiers.Their chief enemy, a traitor titled the Demon King, is determined to destroy the Makkarios team by any means possible.

The Faerie Tales for Travelers trilogy

The Wesh contains many secrets. Teeming with creatures straight out of a fairy story and governed by a mysterious existence known as the Lord God, the Wesh is a perilous and wondrous realm. Beneath the shadows of this marvelous forest, strangers might easily fall a prey to the multitude of its dangers, unless the Wesh Lady comes to their aid. She is the guardian of the Wesh, apprentice to the Lord God, a mediating presence between the Wesh and the outside world. Against the schemes of Avst, the demon under the sea, she labors from the shadows to alter the course of world affairs through the strangers she rescues.

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