The King’s Brother

The King's Brother cover image  The Keepers’ survival now rests in the hands of a nameless warrior, whose grim secrets touch them far more closely than they imagine. Kohanan the seer-king is gone. As good a king as Kohanan’s son Colin is, he cannot stem the dissent caused by one of his own officers, Simon, the secret protégé of the false seer Phelan. When Simon turns the power of the Unclean against the kingdom, Colin must seek help from an unlikely ally: a nameless ex-marauder whose reputation is grim and whose powers are beyond the mere mortal. This warrior carries a secret that connects him to the Keepers in ways none of them suspect. With the fate of his family and kingdom resting on such an ally, Colin learns how mistaken his assumptions have been-about himself, his lost brother, and the unfathomable gulf between them.

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