H. M. Snow, Fantasy Novelist

Welcome to the fictional worlds of H. M. Snow

Serialized Novel: We Will Fight (Tales of Haazak, book 1)

Soon to be available in the Amazon Vella library! [Details coming soon.]

World #1: The Last Book of the Kings

The Last Book of the Kings fantasy novel series follows the turmoil and triumphs of the Keeper royal family.

World #2: Makkarios

The Makkarios fantasy novel series follows a group of from their introduction to the Center to their graduation as Center soldiers.

World #3: Faerie Tales for Travelers

The Faerie Tales for Travelers novella trilogy follows the activities of the Wesh Lady and various companions through the dangerous, mystical forest of Curia Wesh.

Other Fantasy Worlds

Genesis of Max Variel book cover imate

Max Garcia chose the wrong girl to hit on at the supermarket. Now, thanks to Prin Variel’s gift of catalysis, he turns into a Great Dane at awkward moments— but that’s okay, because the lively Variel family has adopted him as one of their own, and they’re not what anyone would consider a normal family.

Nonfiction Worlds

One Word devotional commentaries on the Bible

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