Tales of Haazak: more recurring characters (including one named Moor)

Today's chapter introduces a number of characters with whom we will be spending quite a lot of time. Reminiscent of the Makkarios novels, these characters are all students in training.

The Tales of Haazak project continues

Today's chapter introduces several important recurring characters, including two of my favorites. We will spend a good deal of time with Father Everard Locke and his staff in the future.

Just a little something…

I have been working on a small project, strictly for my own enjoyment: Tales of Haazak. The theocracy of Haazak is at war with a substance called the Decay, which infects, controls, and eventually dissolves every living creature that comes into contact with it. The people of Haazak fight primarily using abilities called sympathies; these... Continue Reading →

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