Speedy Update on Camp NaNoWriMo – August 2012

Nearly to 40,000 words now, with eleven days left. I can give you the title of the sequel novella: Traveler's Guide to Mythical Beasts. The terrifying hag just told / made the narrator hallucinate a story. Things are going well. Further updates as the month's end draws nearer. (So... much... fun!)

“Slowly I Turned”: Drowning in Privilege

I've been extremely sporadic in updating my blog during the summer so far. I admit it, and I regret none of it. If I must go for two months without pay from my day job, then you'd better believe I'll use those two months to indulge my creative side as much as is humanly possible.... Continue Reading →

“Slowly I Turned”: Nomad’s Land

Peregrination seems to be written into my genetic code. My family moved a lot when I was little, and in the past thirteen years I have moved six times. I suppose this is only to be expected. One doesn’t become a writer for the sake of money (normally there isn’t any) but for the love... Continue Reading →

Mid-Course Corrections and Endings

I can hardly believe that, when I turn out the light to sleep tonight, there will be only nine days left of the month. Nine days left to steer my NaNoWriMo experiment into some sort of harbor. That fact dawned on me yesterday—I’ve been so caught up writing each chapter that I lost sight of... Continue Reading →

“Slowly I Turned”: Multi-tasking

Firstly, I have to say that I’m still enjoying NaNoWriMo, though I am currently about 500 words behind schedule. I keep hitting that point where I have to choose between writing and eating with clean spoons. When one writes at a normal pace, mundane necessities of this sort fall into place around each other; at... Continue Reading →

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