“Slowly I Turned” : The Introduction

Long story short: one day when I was visiting my sister’s house, I came into the living room to find her watching I Love Lucy. That specific episode featured a version of the classic burlesque sketch “Slowly I Turned.” At once I thought, “This is perfect!” I had been looking around for a motif strong enough to carry a new blog. Really, this is perfect. I can easily see myself as a broken-down bum who stops every stranger to pour out the story of how some interloper stole away my true love. In a way, that’s what I plan to do here. You, my reader, get to play the role of the kind-faced stranger. I promise: no cream pies, no seltzer bottle. It’s my intention to hunt down everything that hinders me as a writer, seize it by the throat, and shake it until it’s no longer a hindrance. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, it does to me. You can judge for yourself.


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