Back Cover Copy for Makkarios 2

Truman has earned his place on the team, after winning the trust of the two captains. Now the headmaster has decided to use Ronin and Calypso to confront a traumatic incident in Truman’s past, one which has raised a wall between Tru and his new team. Can the two team leaders prove to Truman that he can trust his young teammates as much as they now trust him?

Meanwhile, a new teammate has been added to their number: Tora Kananeko, of the Tiger Clan on Kaeri Masen. The team saved her at great cost; now she is one of them. But all her life, Tora has been steeped in the enemy’s Deep Arts sorcery. She’s dangerous, and she has her own ideas of who should control the Makkarios team. Can the other trainees trust this selfish and powerful girl enough to accept her?

Then their training takes a difficult turn. The team is split up to face three crises: Jinx and Ronin are sent to assist in smuggling defectors out of enemy-held territory; Damek and Truman are sent to save Min and a group of hostages caught up in murderous racial hostilities on Min’s home world; and Calypso and Tora get involved in a brutal dying-world evacuation. These assignments again push the trainees to the limits of their new abilities and beyond, and there is no room for error. They must learn to adapt quickly, or someone won’t return alive.


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