New Year’s Day: Well Begun…?

I have had this song running through my mind off and on for the past few days:

Those who know me even slightly will admit I am no optimist, which makes this choice of songs all the more unaccountable. Nevertheless, uncharacteristic or not, I must say that the past several days have been rather lovely. Vacation has a good deal to do with that, and family, so even though I am returning to my day job tomorrow, I find myself in a more-than-usually equable frame of mind.

I have not, mind you, forgotten the challenge I have set for myself. The saying, “Well begun is half-done” seems too optimistic when looking ahead to 52 weeks of short writing pieces. I have ideas for about a tenth of those weeks so far– not a comfortable position from which to begin, I must say. I simply tell myself it wouldn’t be a challenge if I had it all worked out from the very start. I will set a schedule: Tuesdays appear to be the best day for the deadline, according to my other commitments. That means you may look for my first short, a short-short story inspired by an idea donated by Jacob Baugher, on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014. Which means I had better get started writing it, hadn’t I? (See you Tuesday!)


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